Partners and Visitors


We are working together with various research groups inside and outside the Netherlands in order to achieve our project goals. Here is a list of partners:


The project is regularly hosting visitors from other universities. Below is a list of recent visitors.

  • Claus Beisbart, University of Bern, April 2018
  • Borut Trpin, University of Ljubljana, May-June 2018
  • Olav Vassend, Nanyang University of Technology/Singapore, June-July 2019
Dr. rer. nat. Dr. phil. Claus Beisbart is Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Bern. He did a Ph.D. in physical cosmology at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and a second Ph.D. in philosophy at the same place. After having been a postdoc in the Philosophy, Probability and Modeling Research Group at the University of Konstanz in 2004–05 , he became a postdoc at TU Dortmund University, where he obtained his habilitation in 2012. He was a visiting fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh in 2008–09. Since 2012, he works at the University of Bern. His main research fields include the epistemology of models and simulations, the philosophy of physics, in particular of cosmology, probabilities and the foundations of ethics. Since 2015, he is co-editor of the Journal for General Philosophy of Science.
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