Partners and Visitors


We are working together with various research groups inside and outside the Netherlands in order to achieve our project goals. Here is a list of partners:

Visitors and Collaborators

The project is regularly hosting visitors from other universities. Below is a list of recent visitors.

  • Claus Beisbart, University of Bern, April 2018
  • Borut Trpin, University of Ljubljana, May-June 2018
  • Olav Vassend, Nanyang University of Technology/Singapore, June-July 2019

Silvia Tossut is a scholar collaborating to the project since October 2019. She studied philosophy as an undergraduate student at Trieste University, and then at Turin University. She obtained her Ph. D. in the Philosophy and Cognitive Science program at San Raffaele University (2014). Her main research interests are social epistemology, the role of trust relations in scientific research and the collective dimension of beliefs and knowledge.