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Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher (full-time, two years)

The ERC project is looking for a replacement for our postdoc Felipe Romero, who is switching to an Assistant Professor position in Groningen (see news item below). Please see the extended job description for more details, including the application procedure.

11th MuST conference coming up!

On June 11-13, Turin will host the Munich-Sydney-Tilburg/Turin conference series in philosophy of science for the first time. We are welcoming the invited speakers Peter Brössel, Lina Jansson, Tania Lombrozo and Michael Strevens, as well as a thriling program of ca. 30 contributed talks plus a poster session. Please visit the conference site for more details.

PSA Symposium on the Replication Crisis

Felipe Romero and Jan Sprenger will be part of a symposium on the replication crisis at this year’s Biennal Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association (“PSA2018”). The other presenters will be Ferric Fang, Édouard Machery (co-organizer), and Simine Vazire.

Felipe Romero appointed to tenure-track position in Groningen!

Our team member Felipe Romero has secured a position as Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at the RU Groningen in the Netherlands. We congratulate Felipe with this great success, thank him for his terrific work on the project, and we hope to continue our research collaboration in the future, too!

ERC Project moved to Turin

As of November 1, 2017, the project is officially hosted by the University of Turin in Italy and integrated into the Center for Logic, Language and Cognition. We thank our Tilburg colleagues for their tremendous support and look forward to the environment in Turin!

Call for Participation: Workshop “Perspectives on Scientific Error”, Tilburg, 26-27 June

In two weeks’ time, we will host a workshop on scientific error in Tilburg. Keynotes are Daniël Lakens, Édouard Machery, Barbara Osimani and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers. Check out the program here!

Does Science Self-Correct? Bayesians vs. Frequentists

Felipe Romero and Jan Sprenger have a new paper that compares Bayesian and frequentist statistics with respect to their ability to self-correct mistaken estimates during a series of replications. It builds on Felipe’s earlier work and has been/will be presented at the Reasoning Club Conference in Turin, the SILFS Conference in Bologna, the Scientific Error Workshop in Tilburg and EPSA17 in Exeter.

MSIO goes Weißbier (II)

Michal Sikorski and Noah van Dongen will present joint experimental work on how judgments on conditionals and causality are related at the conference Causation, Explanation, Conditionals in Tutzing (Starnberger See), 21-23 June.

Meeting the Statisticians

Jan Sprenger has been invited to the discussion of the stimulating paper “Beyond subjective and objective in statistics” by Andrew Gelman (Columbia) and Christian Hennig (UCL) at the Royal Statistical Society, London, 12 April 2017. The paper will, together with the commentaries, appear in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.

MSIO goes Weißbier

Jan Sprenger presented at the workshop Inferentialism, Bayesianism, and Scientific Explanation (25 – 26 January 2017, LMU, Munich)

Felipe Romero presented at the workshop Drug Safety, Probabilistic Causal Assessment, and Evidence Synthesis (27-28 Jan, 2017, LMU, Munich).

Michal Sikorski will visit the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) in spring/summer 2016.

Advancing Science in the post-truth age

Felipe Romero participated in an ERC special session on philosophy of science at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Boston, 16-20 February 2017. The other symposium participants were Nancy Cartwright and Sabina Leonelli.

Felipe Romero was invited by the Department of Developmental Psychology at Tilburg University to give a talk about the replication crisis (Jan 29, 2017).

Meanwhile, in Australia…

Jan Sprenger is Visiting Fellow at the University of Sydney, February-March 2017. Together with colleagues from Munich and Sydney, he organizes the 10th Munich-Sydney-Tilburg Conference in Philosophy of Science. This year’s topic is “Causation and Complexity.” The lineup looks promising. Stay tuned!